Select CityWalk

Design Cell was commissioned to design the landscape of two shopping malls next to each other. Though the stage in which the firm was involved in the design development and the existing site conditions varied for both projects, the binding element was the presence of a neighborhood park, which was enclosed on its three sides by the two malls.

The common design concern was therefore the integration of both podiums with the adjoining park. Its landscape was thus adapted to visually and physically connect with the park, which functioned as a common, large green spillover. The formwork of its basement slab was part- executed, prior to the involvement of DC. This structure formed the basis of the landscape and its organization.

As an attempt to showcase glimpses of Indian urban structure within the podium, elements reminiscent of vernacular architecture like the free-standing walls of Jantar- Mantar, steps of a ghat and a baradari (balcony) are positioned along a path, albeit made with contemporary materials and form. A sunken dry-fountain court functions as a minor congregation space. This overlooks a deck, to be used for informal performances. Linearity of the fire-tender path was broken with skewed paving patterns, which also demarcated spillover zones for outdoor cafes.