Bangalore International Airport

A comprehensive landscape master plan is undertaken on the city side leading up to the airport to enhance passenger experience and do justice to Bangalore's reputation of being a 'Garden City' and rich heritage of Karnataka State. Being a functional airport, landscape design needs to have a phased approach in such a way that one can have an instant visual improvement on day one as well as have a long term strategy for the approach. Landscape development also needs to be temporal in nature as the nature and location of the future development is unknown. Project site area is part of region's storm water catchment area. Master plan intends to save 60% of existing storm water for irrigation by using water harvesting techniques. Traditional methods of water harvesting in the state have been studied and proposed as a subtle inspiration drawn from the dying wisdom of Karnataka's system of tanks and water channels.

By virtue of its varied geography and long history, Karnataka hosts numerous spots of interest like Hampi known for the ancient temple carvings and sculpture, state of the art cities, scenic hill ranges, and unexplored forests. Bangalore being the fastest growing major metropolis in India, it is a major economic and cultural hub. Master plan uses these elements physically or metamorphically in a contemporary way through the site in order to give a flavour of the state to the visitor. The traveler's narrative unfolds itself along the main drive of the vehicular spine as a series of boulevards and avenues heralding the entry to the vibrant colors of Bangalore's garden city landscape with nature personified at its best along the road-scape. The intent is to create a formal ambience reflecting the formal nature of the airport precinct, while showcasing the ever-changing colors of the city's landscape at the international airport. The stone and steel sculptures, water features, state's architectural signatures along with lush planting form the design vocabulary creating a drive which intends to leave a mark etched on the visitor's memory.